A Tour

Here is a little tour of the property with more to come later.  The first is the house.  It is smaller at 992 sf, 2 beds and 1 bath, which is more than enough for Heather, the dogs Cooper and Zoe, the cat Alexis and I.  Next is the greenhouse which was one of the selling points for me.  I hope to get an early start with seeds and plants for the garden as well as plans to add on and build an aquaponic system.  Last picture for now is the shed that is now being used as the chicken coop and storage.  We currently have 7 chickens and 2 guineas.  We get more eggs than we need but family and friends have enjoyed getting some of them.  The plan is to build a chicken tractor for the spring to allow them to roam more.  Because of predators I am nervous about free ranging them when I can’t be around all the time.  What I haven’t shown yet are the 1/4 acre pond, the 30’x100′ garden, the grape vines and cherry trees I planted this year, along with various flower beds, and the garage.

IMG_0725         IMG_0731



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