When I bought the house last April it was still winter and we had snow.  From talking to the previous owner I knew they had done some landscaping around the place, planting flowers, hostas, and grasses.  Not knowing exactly what they had planted and where, I enjoyed all the surprises that popped up throughout the growing season.  Since it is again cold and snowy out I thought I would share some of the different colors of flowers I have seen around here.  Hopefully they will brighten your day and remind us all that spring is only a few short months away!


One of the many types of daylilies


Black-eyed Susan


Anyone know what this one is?  The next picture is of it as well.  The flowers are on a six foot tall stalk and you can see the leaves some.  I would like to get more of these if I can figure out what they are called.




These were late summer blooming lilies.  The flowers were only about the size of a quarter and I really like the color variation on these.


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