2014 Goals

As we ring in the new year it is time to start thinking ahead to what I will be doing around the homestead in the coming year.  This has actually been on my mind since it got too cold to do much outside, but I had not sat down to write out my to-do list until today.  I actually made two lists, one titled “Personal Goals” which includes a bunch of things I want to do to make myself a better person and to help me get to where I want to be in the future.  For example, “Eliminate as Much Debt as Possible” is near the top of my list.  Since I first heard Dave Ramsey on the radio this topic has been on my mind.  This is the year I start in earnest on that goal, with one of the first steps being a comprehensive budget and Dave’s “Baby Steps”.  If this is one of your goals I suggest his website and radio program as a starter.

The second list is the one I will share here- Homestead Goals.  This list is comprised of many things that I want to do around house and property.  Some are necessities while others are things that would be nice to do.  Some will require budgeting and planning to accomplish while others are free or cheap to do and only require time and effort to do them.

Here is the list:

  1. Expand Greenhouse
  2. New Chicken Coop
  3. Fix Drainage
  4. Clean Pond Muck
  5. Build a Dock
  6. Build a Woodshed
  7. Split 3+ Cords of Firewood
  8. Remodel Bathroom
  9. Remodel Mud Room
  10. and finally…  25-50% of Food Requirements

Number one I have already been planning and got a bunch of free tempered glass to build the expansion with last year.  Two would be nice to do so that the coop is better and will not be in an area that floods when we get a bunch of rain.  Three should help to get the rain water from flooding my plants and yard every time we do get a bunch of rain.  Four is one I want to do a lot more work on than I have so far with the plan being to drain the pond (which doesn’t have any fish in it right now) and shovel out the muck and debris that has collected in there.  While the pond is drained I hope to do number five.  A woodshed that will keep our wood dry I view as a necessity- tarps just aren’t cutting it.  Seven, eight and nine are pretty much self explanatory.  Ten will be the focus of a longer post with how I plan to grow the majority of my food on the property but 25-50% should be a manageable goal, especially if I am able to get some meat chickens this year.


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