A week in review

It’s been a little bit since my last post even though I have not been very busy around here.  Last weekend before it got cold I cut down a few trees, mostly small cedars but one was a fifty foot white pine.  I’m planning on cutting part of the trunk in half to make a couple benches with.  I still need to finish cleaning up all the branches.  WIth the extreme cold from the polar vortex I wasn’t able to much outside since then.  We brought Heather’s little d’uccle chicken into the mudroom and have been keeping her in the dog kennel because she was afraid that it might freeze.  Being a bantam, she is the smallest of all the chickens by far so I agreed to let her be inside.  All of the other chickens survived the cold, which amazes me because they are so small it seems like they would struggle in the cold.  I was happy about the cold because the pond froze enough that I could walk on it.  I have some ice skates but I think they are at my parents house.

Today I brought over some firewood so that it is more accessible, got a haircut and went to the bank.  I also picked up some pallets that I am going to use to make the future chicken coop.  Monday is Heather’s birthday so I took her to the shooting range and to dinner at Red Lobster.  Neither of us had ever been to the range and she had never shot anything other than the pellet gun we have.  We rented a Glock pistol and shot up a zombie target.  It didn’t start well for Heather as the hot casing from her first shot got stuck in the side of her safety glasses.  It didn’t leave a mark, though.  We both had fun so I am sure it is something we will end up doing again.

That was pretty much the last week, hoping for a more productive week to come.



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