A Week in Review

I have neglected writing anything here for a week so I wanted to do a quick post.  Not much has been going on around the homestead lately.  I picked up my first batch of seeds (about half of what I am planning to plant this year).  I am chomping at the bit to start seeds and for it to be spring already!  But Mother Nature has hew own plans so I’m thinking warm thoughts as it is supposed to be getting cold again with Thursday’s high/low expected to be 12/-1.  I didn’t tap the maple trees yet when I saw this forecast.  I still need to get some buckets and hose for when I do tap the trees.  The chickens haven’t seemed to mind the cold and continue to lay eggs regularly.  I went skiing with friends on Saturday.  It had been three years since we had last gone.  I had a couple wipe outs when I was trying to do more than I am really capable of (once going off a jump and the other trying to maneuver in a woods).  No injuries though.  Sunday was a pretty lazy day, sleeping in until 11am, (which anybody that knows me would know I used to never get up BEFORE noon on weekends or during summer break, went to an antique shop I had never been to, followed by watching football.  We did move about 10 wheel barrows full of firewood over to the side of the house so that it is more accessible, but that was the most productive thing we did all weekend…

I’m putting the finishing touches on my next Homestead Needs post so it shouldn’t be a week before I post again.

See ya later


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