Coyote Spotting

We had two big coyotes go through the back side of the property this morning.  This is the first time I have seen any larger wildlife in the yard.  We have had plenty of deer tracks along the back side of the pond and a few in the garden but haven’t seen any deer actually inside our fence.  The coyotes worry me more than deer do because I would like to allow my chickens to free range and I view coyotes, fox and raccoons as threats to the chickens.  The coyotes were moving through at about 10am, which is when chickens would be out during warmer weather.  We had our little d’uccle rooster eaten by a creature back at the beginning of summer and I trapped and killed several raccoons after that to help protect our flock.  If I had a rifle this morning I would have shot one, or both coyotes if I could have, to help keep our dogs, cat, and chickens safe as well as the neighbors that have dogs and chickens.

Now it’s time for some breakfast of bacon and eggs.  Later I think I might warm up the garage and try to do some woodworking.  It’s been too long since I have made any sawdust.  I have my mom’s canoe to finish up, another canoe I am milling the strips for and a door I need to get stained for in the house.  I will have to post about my woodworking sometime soon…

Until later!

Chuck on The Rural Side


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