Craigslist is a website that I will say I am addicted to, along with others like Homesteading Today, MSN and Yahoo.  I log on to CL about a dozen times a day, mostly looking to see if there are any free items that I could use.  A couple days ago a guy had a post for 2×3 lumber for $20.  The picture looked like a good stack of wood so I emailed.  I heard back from him yesterday and he was frustrated with other people not showing up wasting his time.  He said if I could come by that evening I could have all of it for free.  SCORE!  So I went last night and picked it up.  It ended up being 2×3 rough cut, mostly poplar, in lengths from 6-10′.  He had bought it off an auction hoping to use it to frame out his basement but a lot of the boards are not perfectly straight.  I got about 70 of these laying at the house now, waiting for me to use them on the next project.  I think I can frame most of the new chicken coop and a woodshed with them.  I had been collecting pallets for this purpose but now I think I will use them to keep the firewood off the ground.

Spam is one of the worst things I have dealt with on CL.  I have dealt with some of the people off CL who say they will be there and never show up- something I have never done to those I have told I would be there.  Then there are people who try to get something of value for nothing.  My other pet peeve is when I email somebody and never hear back even though they repost the item as still being available- like a posting for free patio pavers and rock that I replied to 3-4 times back in the fall and never heard anything back even though they posted it every couple days for a few weeks.

I had a posting up earlier this week for free railroad ties and telephone poles that I want to get rid of and got a bunch of emails.  I am supposed to have somebody come out Saturday to get them and he has a line of people behind him if he doesn’t show up.  I emailed everybody back to tell them they were in line, but I won’t wait hours to tell the next person to come get them.  The weather is supposed to be warmer this weekend so I want to get the things out of there and get my garden cleaned up.  I also have a bunch of branches to clean up from the trees I cut down Sunday- something I will talk about in my next post.

Until Later…

Chuck From the Rural Side


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