A Couple Weeks in Review

It’s been too long since I have written a post here- about two weeks to be exact.  Not much has been going on around here because it has been cold and snowy.  I did cut down some trees on a couple warm weekend days.  In the picture below you can see where I cut them down onto the pond, which is iced over.  I didn’t have room to drop them anywhere else so I put them onto the pond a couple weekends ago, then waited a week so that the ice would be refrozen and cut up the trees.  This actually worked better than what I had expected it too.  I thought the biggest tree would break through the ice, getting frozen in or under the ice, but it stayed mostly on top of the ice and I was able to cut it up and get it all off the ice before it got warm.

TreesThere is still one dead sycamore tree growing there but it leans too far towards the neighbors property so I haven’t been able to cut it down yet.  I also need to talk to the neighbor about redoing that fence line and cutting some other dead trees along the fence so that will probably happen closer to spring.

In the past couple weeks we also went to a hockey game and bull riding/ barrel racing/ Joe Nichols concert- have to leave some time for fun in our busy schedules.  This weekend I split almost all of the logs from the big sycamore I had cut down, getting us about a 4′ tall by 10′ long pile of firewood for next season.  I’ve also been trying to redo some plumbing that the previous owner had done.  They had put in a whole house filter but one of the filter housings broke so I need to rework that system.  I also learned that the red handle for our washing machine is actually the cold water (which leaks really bad from the handle and needs replaced) and the blue handle was the warm water.  The drain line for the utility sink is also too close to the supply pipes for the washing machine so I need to reroute it in order to put in a drain pipe for the washing machine, instead of having it run into the utility sink.

I need to post more often because I feel like I am missing some things that have been going on.  When spring decides to come I know I will be busy all the time trying to get garden beds ready, weeding and planting so I will definitely have to make time to write then.

Until Later!

Chuck From the Rural Side



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