First Maple Sap

With temperatures warming up above freezing today, I decided to tap a maple tree before going into work this morning.  Really I decided this at about 4am while laying in bed trying to go back to sleep after the dogs had woken me up to go outside.  So before leaving the house, I got a bucket ready, tubing, a couple taps, the drill and bit.  I put two taps in the maple tree that sits next to the driveway, took care of the chickens, then went off to work.  When I came home I found I had about a gallon of sap and it was still running down one of the tubes!

I’m excited to be doing this for the first time.  Ever since I saw a maple sugaring demonstration at Hocking Hills in SW Ohio about 7-8 years ago I have wanted to try it.  With five trees each having a couple taps in them I am hopeful to get a lot of sap.  I still need to figure out the best way to boil it all down using what I have around here.  I will probably use mason jars to keep it in and I am hoping to sell some of it locally with some going to friends and family.  Of course this all depends on how much I get and that it actually ends up as maple syrup.

I tapped 3 more trees tonight before I ran out of tubing, so tomorrow I will have to swing by the store to get some more.  I’m hoping for a few more gallons of sap tomorrow but don’t know how much I will get with the weather not being very good.  I know that production should really pick up next week when it is supposed to be even warmer.  Then I need to find time to boil it down, which will probably be next weekend for the first batch.

Until next time…

Chuck on The Rural Side


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