First Maple Sap Collection

I gathered 7 gallons of sap from two of the trees I have tapped this evening.  On one of the others the bucket tipped over, while the tubes fell out of the other, so I didn’t get anything from them yet. I still need to tap the last tree and put another tap in one now that I have the tubing.  I’m also thinking I need a better way of keeping the tubes in the buckets so that I don’t have to worry about the sap flowing onto the ground instead of into my buckets.  I’m thinking Sunday I will boil down whatever sap I have to make syrup.  We will see how that goes.

Tonight, I also worked on breaking down some of the pallets I had collected.  The wood will be used in some of the various projects going on around here.  I’m using a demolition blade in the sawzall to cut through the nails, which works decent but I need another blade after 5 pallets.

Tomorrow is Friday, the end of the (paid) work week and this weekend I have hopes of being extremely productive with the temperature forecasted at 55 on Saturday.  I need to make up a to-do list so that I make sure I get the most important things done, like restocking our supply of firewood next to the house so that it is accessible when the weather gets cold again next week…

Until next time,

Chuck From the Rural Side


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