As I leave for work this morning it is just getting light out- enough that the chickens are starting to stir when I go in the coop.  A couple weeks ago it was completely dark and they stayed on their perches as I brought in some fresh water and made sure they had food for the day.  By the time I get to work the sun is up, making hard to walk into the building to sit at my desk for most of the next 8 hours.  By the time 5 o’clock rolls around it is still light out, now.  But I have a 45 minute drive home, if I get lucky and traffic isn’t bad.  When I get home the sun will be down over the horizon, making it barely light enough outside to do a couple things.  Sunlight, or lack there of, is the thing I hate most about winter.  I can deal with the cold, the snow, ice and all that comes with it.  But not being able to get any work done around here during the week because of a lack of sunlight bothers me.  I would rather go into work at 5pm when its dark out in the winter, so that I can spend my day working here.  So I relish the sunlight on weekends, especially when it is warm, to get work done.

It’s time to get on the road so for the next 11 hours or so I will spend the daylight hours sitting in traffic to and from the office or sitting at my desk.  I might escape for a bit when I go for lunch, a time that is always too short.  Eventually I hope to spend all my daylight hours doing chores, splitting firewood, tending the garden, woodworking or whatever task needs done around here.  And even though I may be worn out at the end of every day, covered in mud, manure and sweat, or even sunburned from the sun I miss everyday I sit in the office, I will be happy…

Until Later

Chuck From the Rural Side


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