Busy Weekend

I kept busy pretty much every waking hour this weekend.  Saturday I cut up the last of the logs from the trees I cut down a couple weeks ago and split it all.  I also cleaned up the yard some, cutting the ornamental grasses back, raking leaves, cutting the cattails around the pond and putting it all on the compost pile.  After it got dark I started on the rabbit hutch.  I bought 3 New Zealand does this week off Craigslist.  They were too good of a deal to pass up, so even though I had not built pens for them yet I got them and let them spend a couple days in the dog kennel.  I boiled the maple sap I had collected while working in the garage as well.

Today I finished the hutch.  I need to take some pictures but I don’t feel like going out to the garage right now.  The weather was cold and rainy/snowy/sleeting today so I couldn’t do anything outside.  I also finished boiling the maple sap into syrup.  Seven gallons of sap yielded 16 ounces of syrup.  I might have over boiled it, I’m not sure.  When it cools I will see what it looks like.  It tastes delicious, though!  And it was a good air freshener for the garage and the house after moving the last half gallon or so to the kitchen stove.

It’s off to bed, now.  Tomorrow I need to write about the non-profit that I am hoping to work for this year.

Until next time

Chuck From the Rural Side


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