Tuesday Update

The first two days of the work week I continued on working hard around the homestead.  Monday I finally planted my first round of seeds for the garden.  Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, celery, more tomatoes, cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli were all planted.  In a week or two I will plant another round of seeds.  Some will be for succession plantings of things we like to eat a lot like broccoli and others will include chard and lettuce.

I also filtered and bottled my first round of maple syrup.  I was so excited when it was finished, I could have drank the whole jar it tastes so good!  I still think I may have over boiled it a bit.  It looks darker in the picture than it actually looks.  Next time I will know what to watch for and not boil it as long.

Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup

And I won’t have to wait long to start making more because I collected about 14 gallons from the five trees tonight.  I wasn’t expecting that much because the weather has been below freezing the past couple days.  So tomorrow I will start boiling it down for a few hours after work each night.  It would be better to do it all at once I think but I don’t have anywhere to store the sap so boiling it a little bit as I go will have to work.

And I promised a picture of the rabbit hutch so here is the (almost) completed hutch and a couple of the rabbits.  I still need to put on the last door and build some hay racks to complete the hutch.  The rabbits are New Zealands, the red one has been named Nutmeg and the black ones don’t have names as of yet.  Heather names them, not me.  I’m terrible with remembering names anyways.  Only one or two chickens can I ever remember the name of.IMG_0335


And I know I had said I would talk about the non-profit that I applied to work at in this post but it will have to wait for tomorrow.  I haven’t heard anything back yet so I’m still hoping to get the job.

Until next time

Chuck From the Rural Side


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