Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage

So I said I would talk about the non-profit that I applied to work at here in Cincinnati.  A person I knew from college posted on Facebook that they were looking for farm interns for the CSA at Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage.  I had never heard of Enright Ridge before but I have been looking for an opportunity to work for a farm in the area, plus it is for a CSA so I’m hoping to see how they operate up close and personal.  So I sent her a message, we communicated on Facebook, then talked on the phone about the position, now I’m just waiting to hear back from her.  It would be a part time, after work/ Saturday thing where I do gardening and also help with the CSA distribution.  She even said I could sell any extra eggs or some maple syrup there on Saturdays.

Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage really interested me.  I lived several blocks from there before moving to The Rural Side but had not heard of it.  I might have considered buying a house in the village had I known about it.  Which reminds me that on February 28 it was a year ago we moved into the house- time has gone by way too fast.  Anyways, back to the topic…  They have 90 households on about 200 acres that make up the village and they are looking to expand outwards.  They have community committees that work on various aspects to grow the community and the Farm Project/CSA is one of those.  Unlike many CSA’s they are urban, so they don’t have a lot of room to grow in a densely packed neighborhood.  They use member’s backyards to grow produce, have a greenhouse they purchased a few years ago and have some land where houses were demolished to use.   Rebuilding the soil to be able to grow where the houses stood is one of their major goals for this year.  Check them out for more details.

I think Cincinnati would be a good area for more Ecovillages.  The city has lots of land that would be suitable for growing food.  There are blighted neighborhoods where houses need rehabbed or torn down.  Re-creating a sense of community, in my opinion, would help to foster change in some of these areas.  Growing fresh food can help those less fortunate in the neighborhoods that need good, nutritious food, get it.  Teaching them to grow the food would continuously benefit them for the rest of their life if they continued to grow their own food.  There are some community gardens around the city already, many of which have been successful and having more would allow those without a yard to grow some of their own food.  Adding chickens would create fertilizer for the gardens as well as food.  However, I think that creating a village would take a lot of work, some like minded people, and dedication from those people, which is what Enright Ridge seems to have.

Until Next Time

Chuck From the Rural Side


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