Daylight Savings Time

This morning was rough waking up to it being dark out again.  The clocks sprung forward on Sunday morning, but of course I slept in yesterday so it was light out when I rolled out of bed.  Having light makes it easier to feed and water the chickens, who have greeted me each morning the past couple weeks hoping I would throw some scratch in to them.  This morning they were all still on their perches, sleeping just as I wish I still was.  But alas, giving up the light in the morning means more light hours in the evening when I can use them to get work done around the house.  I REALLY need to get my garden all cleaned up.  I only have a few more railroad ties to move out of the garden- of course they are the heaviest ones!  I’m debating on reusing them to make raised flower beds by the road or to give them away as I had originally planned…

I’ve also been trying to figure the drainage in our yard.  I decided to dig a hole yesterday to see what the sub-soils look like.  The top foot or so is a good layer of topsoil, which turns to a soft clay, then to a hard gray clay.  I went down about four feet and it was clay still.  I was hoping that there would be a more permeable layer down a few feet and I could make a dry-well.  The hole had about 6 inches of water in it already after an hour.  So I’m still trying to figure out a way to get decent drainage without having to spend a lot of money to put in drainage tile.

Tomatoes have also started sprouting!

Chuck From the Rural Side


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