A Relaxing Weekend

I’ve been trying to post more on here, mostly because it easier to write down what has been going on everyday rather then trying to remember all the details a week later, but again it has been a week since my last post.  This past week on the homestead has mostly been spent doing maple syrup.  I ended up with 7-8oz jars of syrup from my last batch.  I had an issue with maple sand in the jars after they cooled, though.  Maple sand is minerals in the sap that precipitate out after boiling and cooling.  Filtering is supposed to remove most of it, however after I canned it, all the jars sealed, and it cooled, about 1-2 ounces on the bottom ended up being maple sand.  The sand is edible, gritty, and not supposed to taste very good (I haven’t actually tried eating it), plus I was planning on selling most of the jars (which I have sold out of already).  So I unsealed all the jars, poured them out leaving most of the sands behind, reheated the syrup, re-sanitized the jars, boiled new lids, re-canned the syrup, leaving me with the seven jars from the original eight I had canned the night before.

Which brings me to the title of this post, a relaxing weekend, which was spent back home at my parents house.  Even though my home is now here, HOME will always be back in Glandorf.  It is where I spent the first 18 years of my life before going off to college, where most of my family lives, where the friends I grew up with all gather together, the old familiar places I visit- roads I cruised as a teen, woods, ponds, rivers and the creek behind the house where I spent time fishing or just sitting enjoying nature.  Friday night we hung out with friends at the Bombshelter, a bar/restaurant/carry-out where I worked for my first job making pizzas/food, before going to The Well, the other bar in town, where a band was playing.

Saturday Heather and I went to a poultry show, animal swap and flea market.  They had hundreds of chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese there.  Chickens were the most interesting with all of the different breeds, a lot of which I had never seen before.  Heather really likes d’uccles so we were hoping there would be more there, but they only had a half dozen or so.  At the swap they had a few that had already sold and nobody had a decent price on rabbits so we went home empty handed.  After lunch we went to some antique stores where we picked up a few, mostly small things.  My Grandma Bockrath had her 90th birthday on Friday so there was a party for her Saturday evening with pizza, cake and ice cream.  Saturday night was again spent at the Bombshelter.

Sunday after breakfast with my parents and visiting my other grandma we headed back down here, picked up the dogs from Heather’s Mom, and finally made it back to the homestead late in the afternoon.  A friend from college wanted a jar of syrup asked to meet up for a drink because she and her fiance were interested in hearing more about what I’m doing here.  So I went out, ended up having dinner with them, a beer and some good conversation.

Chuck From the Rural Side


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