My alarm went off this morning at 6am as it always does during the week.  Like Pavlov’s bell made dogs drool, my alarm clock signals our dogs that it is time to go outside, and they are hyper, tail wagging, jumping things until I let them out.  After letting the dogs out, I laid back done to rest for a few more minutes.  Suddenly while laying in bed I’m hit with the stench of SKUNK!  Just as quick Heather asks what that smell is and if the dogs are outside.  She goes and lets them in and thankfully neither one smells like skunk.  But that awful odor is everywhere in the house.  So while getting ready for work I was holding a towel over my face as much as possible.  With it raining out this morning I couldn’t leave the windows open today, so I know it will still be there when we get home today

AND THE WORST PART…  As we got to Heather’s work, she asked me if I still smelled it.  I did and I smelled my shirt and it stunk like skunk!  Already being late for work I dropped her off and continued on to work, hoping that it would dissipate.  But sitting at my desk it kept getting worse, giving me a headache.  I told my manager I might have to leave because of it and he remembered they have some company shirts in storage so he gave me one of those.  So the smell isn’t as strong now, but I can still smell it a bit.  Heather on the other hand didn’t have so much luck, actually having one of her co-workers ask her why she smells.  I feel bad for her because I know how bad the smell is and she has to sit there until 6 when she gets off work.

Tonight will be filled with airing out the house, doing laundry, probably washing the dogs if the smell clings to them, scrubbing down walls if needed and figuring out where the skunk is/was along with how to get rid of it.  With all the rain we had last night, water got into the chicken coop so I will also have to clean out the wet straw that we use for bedding.  This is the main reason why I want to build a new coop.  More rain is in the forecast so it probably won’t be the last time this spring that we have water in there.

And now I go to read the “Dilbert” comic that is on my Yahoo homepage and it mentions skunk!  Just can’t get away from it!!!


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