Our Cornish Rock chicks are over 3 weeks old now and they are starting to act like piranhas!  We have been limiting the amount of food they get to keep them from growing too fast and having the leg/ heart issues these birds are known for.  It doesn’t matter how much you feed them, they will eat until the food is gone.  They are still in the brooder so they are confined to a fairly small space yet so anytime you reach in to grab the feeder they have started jumping up and pecking you.  This morning was particularly bad because the bottom part of the feeder was separated from the top.  Literally swarming around my hand as I’m trying to grab it out, jumping up, pecking me.  If I had been smart I would have put a pile of food on the other side of the brooder to distract them.  When you finally put the food back in for them they swarm around it, jumping all over each other, pecking furiously at the feed, trying to get as much as possible in their mouths at one time.  It looks like a bunch of piranha going after a piece of meat.  I should take a video of it to post one of these nights.  It is kinda funny to watch but on the other hand I hope none of them get hurt.  Would hate to lose any.

We just finished the first bag of feed, so total cost so far is about $30.  I’m expecting two to three more bags of feed which would bring our cost to about $100.  With processing, if they dress out at a conservative four pounds that keeps us under $2.50 a pound.  At five pounds we would be under $2 a pound.  If those numbers keep true I will definitely raise more.  It’s only a bit more than I have seen chicken for in the stores lately and I know how these were raised and what they were fed.


2 thoughts on “Piranhas

  1. I’d love to see that video! My hen chicks are not quite 3 weeks old and have not been so aggressive (yet.) I give them about a cup of feed twice a day and they seem happy with it.

  2. I guess I can’t post a video to here but if I am able to post one somewhere to view I will post a link. The laying hens were never very aggressive to food but I let them have food all the time. The The Cornish will eat until the food is gone, whereas the layers I had would eat some then move around, drink water, move around, then maybe eat a bit more…

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