First Harvest!!!

photo 1 (1)

Here is the first harvest of the growing season- a plate full of asparagus.  This is enough for about 2 meals for us.  For my dinner last night I made a sausage, asparagus, egg and cheese scramble.  There were plenty of smaller shoots left in the garden so we will be eating quite a bit of asparagus in the coming days and weeks.  I might get enough to can a few jars, if I’m lucky.

I’m hoping we don’t get as many beetles as last year.  The beetles started popping up after the first week or so, laying little black eggs on the new asparagus shoots.  While they were still edible and I ate them, I couldn’t convince Heather they were still okay to eat, even after cutting out the areas with eggs on them.


4 thoughts on “First Harvest!!!

    • I haven’t seen slugs around the asparagus. I have noticed a bunch around the garden this year so I think I am going to set some beer traps to get rid of some.

  1. Oh, me too – on the asparagus harvest! I absolutely love a crop that requires no more effort on my part than to snap them off and bring them in for dinner every night. I haven’t had any bug problems so I hope it stays that way.

    • It is nice, I like perennial veggies! I didn’t even have to plant these, the previous owner had planted them. Picked another big handful of spears tonight between rain showers so I need to come up with some good recipes to use them in.

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