Headache – Car Accident

Heather and I were in a minor car accident last Thursday where we were rear-ended by another driver.  We were stopped at a stop light and somehow she ran into the back of us.  The car has some damage that will need repaired- the bumper and trunk are pushed in, the trunk won’t open, and the right rear quarter panel was messed up a little bit.  This is Heather’s first car and she owned the car less than two months before this happened.  photo

Now we are dealing with insurance companies, doctors and chiropractors.  Heather had to go to the doctor the next day because she had a headache and pain in her shoulder/arm, which the doctor said was pulled muscles and nerve damage.  She is feeling much better now.  I went to the chiropractor this week because the soreness I had didn’t go away.  He wants me to come back 6-10 times, depending on how the treatment goes.  I’m hoping it doesn’t take that many visits but I’m not a doctor so I guess I should do what he says.  Plus, I don’t usually go to doctors unless I’m in a lot of pain, so I really don’t want to go that much.

Next is trying to talk to the other driver’s insurance.  I was surprised to have not heard from them and I’m waiting on a call back from them yet.  Since it is clear that their customer was at fault and they were cited for not maintaining clear distance, I’m hoping they make it as painless as possible.  But it is an insurance company that will have to pay out money so I’m not counting on it.

In other news, today is Friday which means it’s practically the weekend!  I have work at the CSA Saturday and there is a plant sale there Sunday.  It is also a free fishing weekend here in Ohio, where you don’t have to have a license to fish, so I’m hoping to get out Saturday or Sunday evening.  Or both!  I need to get my fishing license.  I never went out last year.  Always seemed busy.  This year I will make more time for it…


2 thoughts on “Headache – Car Accident

  1. This happened to me a couple years ago. Your insurance company should do the negotiating with the other driver’s company. You should not have to get into the middle of that mess on top of everything else. I hope everything straightens out quickly and you can resume normalcy.

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