Edible Landscaping

A blog post I read this morning mentioned that parts of the tulip are edible.  So I looked up what parts are edible and I find that the petals and the bulb are edible.  The petals taste like beans, lettuce, or nothing according to a couple sources.  The bulb doesn’t taste very good, could possibly be poisonous and would really only be used in a survival type situation, like World War II, when the Dutch were forced to eat them.  I have a few tulips in my yard but I haven’t tried eating them (mostly because I don’t know where the dog has gone to the bathroom!).

Another example I do enjoy eating from every spring is the Eastern Redbud tree.  I learned from a college professor that the flowers on the Redbud are edible.  To me they taste somewhat like soybeans.  There is a nice Redbud in our backyard and I will stop to sample them if I am hiking in the woods.

Eastern Redbud Tree

Eastern Redbud Tree

I’m looking for other edible plants, flowers, etc. that can be planted to add to the beauty of the landscape as well as provide something edible.  I would like to find plants that many people grow that they may not know are edible.

What edible landscaping plants do you grow?


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