Plugging Away

I have again been busy for most of the past week.  The weather has been nice so I’ve been working outside quite a bit.  Veggies are going in the ground. Sunday, I planted about 50 tomatoes, 9 broccoli, 9 Brussels sprouts and a couple sweet potatoes before I was stopped by a thunderstorm.  Monday evening I planted cauliflower and cabbage before dark and the mosquitoes got too bad.  I planted about 24 of each of those.  The cabbage is destined to be sauerkraut if it grows well.  I still have to plant peppers, celery, eggplant, strawberries, watermelon, pumpkin, and a few tomatoes to replace ones that didn’t make it already.  I think that is all of the seedlings I have left.  I also have to finish making the rest of the tomato cages (a post for another day) and see if I actually have enough to support all of the tomatoes I planted.  More seeds will go in the ground soon as well.  I’m working Wednesday and Thursday evenings at the CSA so I REALLY need to kick it into high gear tonight and get the rest of the seedlings planted.

I need to post an update on all of our chickens sometime soon.  The cornish are getting pretty big.  Heather’s flock of d’uccles is doing good, except one little guy (her favorite of course) that had a bad toe, which we fixed, and now he won’t use his right leg, which I can’t see any obvious injury to.  And the girls have been laying 7-9 eggs a day.


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