Back to The Rural Side

So, through an unexpected event I am back living on my mini homestead here on the Rural Side of suburbia. A company I had interviewed with almost a year and a half ago emailed me asking if I was looking for work. I wasn’t but I liked them the first time I met them, so I decided to take a chance and take an interview with them. We met on a Sunday morning almost a month ago and after about a hour of talking, the owner offered me the job, offered what I asked for salary, and better benefits than I had. I should have accepted on the spot but waited a day to make sure it was what I wanted to do. The biggest decision was whether to leave a steady job that I liked (for the most part). I won’t miss carrying twelve foot sheets of drywall but I am disappointed that I won’t see the end of the church project I worked on almost the entire four months I was there.

A little about the company… They are an Architecture/Engineering firm that mostly does restaurant and retail work. There are about 20 people in the company, about half of the Architecture side and half on the Engineering side. The office is a nice modern space in the town of Montgomery, which is only about 20 minutes from my house (30ish with traffic). Because most of the projects are stores that are based off of prototypes it sounded like it would be basically cut and paste, but I’ve learned after a little over a week that it is a lot more detailed then that. The corporate stores and franchisees differ in how they want things, even though the franchisees can only change fairly minor things in the scheme. So far it’s going pretty good. I’m getting to know the people and learning a lot. I was told I am doing good so far and asking good questions today, which is nice to hear.

Around the house I have been unpacking and organizing my stuff that I had taken with me. I felt like I didn’t take much when I left but I came back with more stuff for sure. I was able to do a good amount of canning this summer, so I have a good amount of food that I brought back. Salsa, tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, and green tomato/tomatillo salsa are some of the things I canned this summer. I attempted to make some plum jam but burned it. Corn cob jelly didn’t quite turn out. Brewed several batches of beer, have two batches of wine that are aging. Also built a smoker. So I kept quite busy during my time away from here.

The garden produced some food for us, even though I wasn’t here to tend it often or to weed (not looking forward to next year having to weed). I got quite a few tomatoes, tomatillos, carrots, potatoes, popcorn, a lot of black eyed peas, green beans and some lima beans. I’m planning on making some raised beds and working harder to produce more veggies next year. Considering building a little roadside stand if I manage to produce more then I need to put away. I’d like to do a mini CSA but I want to make sure I can actually produce enough for 10 or so shares before I offer that. Also debating on whether or not to restart Cincinnati Backyard Farms. I only had one meeting with a potential client last summer before I left. Not sure if I can get more business starting earlier in the spring then I did last year. Already have the website and business cards so it wouldn’t be hard to try again.

I should also mention that Heather and I got back together a few months ago.

So I’m on a new path again. We will see which way it takes me this time…


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