First Bottle!!!

Bottled my first jar of Walnut Syrup this evening.  It is a beautiful light amber color.  It is a thick syrup, maybe over cooked, but I’m not really sure.  The taste is…  I don’t know.  It’s different than maple syrup.  It’s good.  It’s sweet.  Not real strong.  I put it in one of the 8 ounce bottles I just bought specifically for syrup this year.  I don’t know if you can see it in the picture but it is thick of enough that it holds bubbles in suspension.

Walnut Syrup

Walnut Syrup

The walnut sap came from a woods at a place I will call “Camp”.  It is where I tapped the sycamore trees and some maples too.  A friend of mine works at the camp and she was interested tapping trees herself this year.  So I helped her out identifying trees and going through the process so she could make her own syrup and in return I was able to tap some trees on the camp’s property.  I have collected about 2.5 gallons of walnut sap, which became the 8 ounce of syrup and a little over a gallon of maple sap.

I’m waiting to bottle maple syrup until I have a good amount.  I bought a filter this year to help me get the maple sands out easier and make a clearer syrup.  But the filter absorbs some of the syrup.  Right now I could probably get 3-4 eight ounce bottles of finished syrup but I will probably lose a half bottle in the filter material.  If I wait until I can do 10 bottles, I still only lose a half bottle worth.  However, it could be a while before I get enough sap for 10 bottles of syrup because the weather doesn’t look very good for sap to run this coming week…


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