First Harvest

Even a tiny harvest from your property still counts as a harvest, right? I’ve been diligently watching my blueberries and raspberries, waiting for the fruit to be ready. Today was finally the day. I got 6 blueberries and 2 raspberries!!! Okay, so it isn’t much, but there is more still on them. I have a few dozen blueberries that are a shade of greenish blue still. Raspberries are a few days to a week away from a bigger harvest as well. A couple weeks ago I also harvested the ONE cherry that came from all of the beautiful blooms I had on the trees.

I would post pictures of my harvests but none of them made it more than a couple steps…

There is one thing I have harvested a lot of from my garden this year. WEEDS! Just yesterday I got about 10 five gallon buckets full. Some of them are actually edible, but even though I have been starting to forage some food, like mushrooms, I haven’t taken to eating weeds yet.


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