I was at Rural King tonight picking up a bag of rabbit feed when I saw they have 5 ducks left from all the chickens and ducks they have had this spring. They were quite large, probably a couple weeks old. I think they were Pekins. They ALMOST came home with me.

Ducks have been something I want to try for a while now. Raising them for eggs and meat. I have a quarter acre pond for them to roam on, covered in duckweed. There are plenty of bugs around if the chickens don’t get them first! I’ve read they are pretty easy to take care of.

However, I don’t have housing for them right now. I’ve read in the past a little bit about raising them, but like everything, different people have their own opinions. I want to be able to free range them. They would need to go in at night for protection from predators. People offer mixed reviews on their success with getting them into a coop at night. More research is needed before I take the leap. I keep telling myself I am not getting ducks this year…

Does anybody have experience raising ducks? Do you have a good resource for more information on raising them? Are pekins a good breed to start with or should I get something like khaki campbells?


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