Little things around The Rural Side

Almost three weeks ago now, I welcomed these 3 little ones to the Rural Side! 3 New Zealand/ Californian mix rabbits. This is the first successful litter the rabbits have had, so I have been very happy.



Around the same time we had 5 new chicks hatch under two broody hens, 3 of which have survived.  These are d’uccle and wyandotte mixes.

Two of the new baby chicks

Two of the new baby chicks

And a couple months ago a robin made a nest in a grape vine wreath by the door to the house.  She laid three eggs, two of which hatched.  One afternoon I came home to find a baby bird sitting on the edge of the nest.  Before I got back with the camera it had flown off.  I got a picture of its sibling still in the nest.  A little while later, it too had flown the nest.

Baby Robin

Baby Robin

Some of the little things from around here



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