A lack of motivation

This week I decided to give up Mt Dew.  Cold turkey.  I had my last twenty ounce bottle on Sunday.  So far it has been a terrible week!  At work I would usually have an afternoon pop.  So come about two o’clock I have been tired, grumpy and unmotivated to continue working this week. Today was better than the previous three so I know I just have to hold out. And get some coffee and creamer for the house before the weekend. While I am trying to cut down on caffeine as well, I get withdrawal headaches if I quit that cold turkey.

However, even after work this week has been a drag. Mostly because of rain. A couple naps have kept me from being productive as well. But the weather. Overcast. Rainy. Windy. Rainy. HUMID! I hate humidity. That sticky feeling. And when it feels like you could swim through the air… That is what it has felt like this week. It makes gardening an un-fun chore. Good news is the rain is helping the garden grow! It truly is beautiful. But the WEEDS! They also grow a lot when it rains…

My last couple posts have been pretty pessimistic, especially for myself. I am usually an eternal optimist trying to see the best in everything. Blame the weather!

What do you do when there things to be done, but you lack motivation?


One thought on “A lack of motivation

  1. I went through this with Dr. Pepper. I quit over and over again. I think it was 15 years ago when I finally successfully quit. I don’t even like the taste any more – I’ve tested a few times. So there is hope. Water gets better as you keep drinking it. I know it sucks at first though.

    As for your question, if I lack motivation, it usually means I’m exhausted and need to rest. If I’m just stuck doing some horrible thing I hate to do, I give myself permission to quit and just start. I usually keep going.

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