Water except where I want it

This weekend I have been dealing with water issues around here. I know that a large portion of the midwest has had too much water this year, while California is going dry, so I know I am not alone in having issues with water. I would gladly send half the rainfall I have received this month to Cali in exchange for some wine or some of that San Francisco weather I loved while living out there!

Friday night/ Saturday morning we had a storm that got some water into the coop. Only one of four cages got wet but it was the largest, so I had to clean out all of the wet bedding. Then Saturday evening the pump for my cistern died, so I didn’t have any water for the house, besides the water cooler which I use for drinking water. It was too late to get a new pump so Sunday morning I had to go and spend $200 on a new shallow well pump. Of course the new one didn’t fit up exactly like the old one and some fittings wouldn’t come off the old one, so another $50 for fittings and copper pipe and I was able to get the job done. Except that one fitting might be leaking slightly.

While fixing the pump we had another rainstorm. Three cages in the coop got wet. So I had to clean out two more cages plus the fresh bedding I had put down in the large one. Get that done, do some other things around the house, and sure enough it starts to thunder again. I go out to make sure all the chickens are in the coop and it starts to downpour again. I was stuck in the coop but I got to watch how the water was moving. Apparently water flows down the driveway, hits the garage, flows down the walkway that leads to the coop about halfway and then goes towards a low spot on the south side of the coop. When that low spot fills up it fills up around the coop and then comes in. So basically I need to just move the coop to higher ground. I don’t understand why anyone would have even built anything in that spot. As somebody interested in permaculture, I know one of the first things you should do is observe. Observe water flow, observe winds, observe the sun. This is part of the reason I want to start with raw land for my next place. Yes I’m sure I will make mistakes along the way. I am human. But I won’t build my house, garage, and shed on the lowest side of the property.

Anyways. Besides the water issues I did have a good weekend. Friday afternoon I got off work early and went fishing. Caught a couple nice catfish.

Nice Catfish!

Nice Catfish!

Then went and watched a group of singer/ songwriters perform at a local restaurant. Saturday morning I got an apple fritter from a local donut shop and stopped at the lake on my way home to cast a line. Only caught one bluegill before it started to get too hot and humid. Then everything above happened. Sunday morning I also harvested my first tomatoes. Three little cherry tomatoes that didn’t make it back to the house, somehow…

Rain has been good for the garden, though. I keep promising pictures but I assure you I will post some soon! I have a watermelon the size of a football. That has me excited! Many more smaller ones are on the vines but that one is the largest I have had in the three growing seasons here and it is not finished growing yet!


5 thoughts on “Water except where I want it

    • Yeah, the house is higher than the chicken coop but it has low spots on two sides where water collects. Things like that are hard to tell when you buy a place. It was winter when I bought it so everything was frozen.

      • Most definitely. Learned a lot from this place; mostly about what to look out for that would keep me from buying a place in the future.

      • Maybe you got a great buy? Geoff Lawton says that the places with the most problems draw out the best designs.

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