Have you ever done a Carl Jung/Isabel Briggs Myers personality test? If so then you understand the letters above. I decided to take an online test after reading part of the book Do What You Are. I placed myself as an INTP from reading the descriptions in the book. Apparently I fall more in the middle on sensing and intuition according to the online test, so I’m either INTP or ISTP. Both are apt descriptions of my personality in my opinion. It basically says I am introverted (I)- This was my highest percentage and I know I am not an extravert at all. Sensing (S)/Intuition (N). Thinking (T) over feeling. And Perceiving (P) over judging.

Being introverted is just who I am. I know that. I occasionally try to be extraverted but never really succeed. I tend to avoid crowds, loud places, and attention.

Sensing and intuition is how we take in information from around us. From the book: “Sensors concentrate on what can be seen, heard, felt, smelled and tasted. … Intuitives naturally read between the lines and look for meaning in all things.” Being someone who “uses my five senses” to gather information is why I put myself more in the “N” category. However the book also says “Intuitives value imagination and trust their inspirations and hunches… are oriented toward the future… and generally try to make things different rather than maintaining them the way they are”. So I could see where I could fall in between.

Thinking was my next highest percentage. This category focuses on how we make decisions. Thinkers make decisions that seem logical whereas feelers make decisions on how much they care or what they feel is right. For me it was only logical that I am a thinker (pun intended).

Perceiving versus judging “concerns whether we prefer to live in a more structural way or in a more spontaneous way”. As a perceiver I fit into the description that I “like to live in a spontaneous way and am happiest when my life is flexible.” I have shown that on here recently in my post “The itch to GO“.  This is a constant battle in my work life as well.  Part of the reason I took my current job was because they made it sound like it was flexible, but it has proven to be rigid for the employees and only flexible for managers.

Do What You Are is meant to help you find a job based on your personality type.  Looking at the jobs for the two types I fall between, I like the ISTP jobs more.  INTP includes architect, which is the field I work in and went to school for.  INTP also includes creative fields (artist, blogger, photographer) which I enjoy.  However it also includes a lot of technology/computer fields which don’t interest me and healthcare which I also have zero interest in.

ISTP fields include geologist, carpenter, mechanic, landscape architect, landscaping, forester, park naturalist/ranger, cabinetmaker and silversmith.  These are several jobs that I could see doing in the list.  Again there are some tech/ healthcare jobs that I have no interest in.  However, the job on the list that I most want to do (at this point in time, remember I like being spontaneous!) is ORGANIC FARMER.

So it has been an interesting evening of reading although I really only skimmed the book to get to the important stuff.

In other news, I had my largest harvest yet today, so I will be sharing some pictures soon.  Hoping to get a lot more stuff coming off and maybe being able to can some stuff!


One thought on “INTP/ISTP

  1. I am INTP/INTJ. My guess is that you are INTP. Because architecture is SO intuitive rather than sensing and because your ideals are so important to you. I have read a lot of Jung. He wrote a huge book, Psychological Type, in which it is not all so neatly and simply prescribed as with the MBTI. Here’s a nice link to a brief essay by Jung:

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