Chickens and Ducks

So it has been a while since I posted here…  Work was extremely busy most of the spring and summer, leaving little free time.  What time I did have I spent trying to keep up with the garden.  I even added a dozen new chicks to my flock this spring.  Eventually this summer I got burned out, though.  I decided to take a break, selling all of the chickens.  I was going to wait until spring and get some chicks and ducklings, but a local family in need led me to getting some adult birds sooner.
A week or two ago a local woman posted on Facebook that she had some chickens, ducks, and coops available.  She had lost her son in the beginning of November.  They were taking care of two young grandsons and the animals on their own.  I offered up some help but didn’t hear back until this weekend.  She offered all of the remaining birds, which I accepted.  My coop is now home to 12 chickens and 16 ducks.  I still need to figure out what breeds of each I have.  She told me some while we were putting them in the crates but in the confusion I forgot most of them.


Some of the new chickens


I am just excited to have a fresh start with some birds that are already laying.  A couple roosters may have to go, something to figure out another day.  With the pond I’m sure that the ducks will love their new home.  The new coop project I started last summer will be finished up as soon as there is time so the ducks can have better accommodations than the old coop, which tends to flood in the spring and has rotting wood siding.  I’m considering a chicken tractor so that I can control where the chickens are allowed and put them to work on the weeds in the garden.



Chickens and ducks

Better pictures will come when there is more light.  Hopefully there will be more posts too.  I’m hoping for a good year on The Rural Side, which will start fairly soon with tapping maple trees for syrup.


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