When Things Seem to be Going Well…

In sports, every streak comes to an end.  A slugger strikes out, a quarterback throws an interception, an injury costs a team a win.  I was having a streak of good luck lately and my streak has come to an end.

Last week I was laid off from my architecture job.  The firm is heavy in the retail industry, which has seen a significant slow down with the rise of Amazon and similar companies, so the firm had to do some restructuring.  It’s business.  I will get unemployment, severance and paid for my unused vacation time.  The timing could have been better but I will be alright.  I saw the slow down happening and was planning for my future beyond that company.  Those plans were about 4-6 months away from being realized.  Those plans include me selling The Rural Side property, which I was planning on listing in the late summer/ fall, moving closer to work, and saving for a property that is better suited for my future goals.  Now I am restructuring my plans…

That brings me to today.

…I will warn you that the next part is a little graphic…

Today I was supposed to get ready to go away for a couple days.  I am heading to my parent’s a couple hours north of here for the holiday weekend and some time with friends.  I went out to do my morning chores and get the chickens, ducks and garden ready for me to be gone a couple days.  There were four new ducklings born this week and they were outside the coop when I walked up to the door, not unusual because they can fit under the door.  What I discovered when I went into the coop, however, made me physically ill in a way that nothing I have ever seen has.  Their momma, who diligently sat on the nest and hatched them, had been attacked in the night and was missing her entire beak.  It was the worst sight I have seen in the four years I have been here.  Apparently a raccoon, judging from the tracks outside, had reached through a small hole in the backside of the coop and attacked her.  The worst part was that she was still alive, somehow quacking, and trying to drink water.  It was truly a sad sight to see her suffering and I had no choice but to end that suffering.

I gathered up the ducklings and have put them in a brooder in the garage.  Patching and securing the coop are on my to-do list before leaving.

It is hard to remain optimistic in the face of adversity.  But just as a winning streak has to come to an end, when you are in a slump you have to keep swinging…


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