Another weekend in the books.  I’m sitting here watching some Big Bang Theory and thinking about everything that has been going on the past week.  The weather has been up and down.  It rained most of the day yesterday.

Picked up some brick/concrete off Craigslist to start filling in one low spot.  Proceeded to get the truck stuck for a day at the same time.  Today I picked up some free fencing.  Some split rail which we will use somewhere and some privacy fence which I plan to use as siding on the woodshed or chicken coop.

More flowers have bloomed.  Some daylilies have started popping up. Blueberries are starting to get buds.  The grapes which I’m not sure have survived the winter seem to be getting buds as well.  I’ve been cleaning up the garden and around the house.

Need to finish up my laundry.  Bed will follow soon.  Another work week starts tomorrow.


Spring Is Here!!!

Spring officially starts right now!  12:57pm March 20, 2014. The weather has been more spring like lately, which has been a welcome relief from all the snow we had this winter.  The forecast is looking good for being able to get my garden cleaned up and ready to plant.  My seedlings from the first round of planting are continuing to grow with the peppers just starting to sprout.  I planted a second round of seeds this week, including some spinach, lettuce mix, head lettuce, romaine lettuce, and others I can’t think of right now.  I still have a few things that I want to start in the next week or so, with the rest of the seeds being things that will be sown directly in the garden.

I noticed yesterday that I have flowers about to bloom on the West side of the house.  If you needed a sign of spring coming these are it.  Snowdrops and crocuses are both about to open up.  The daylilies around the pond have also started popping up, along with a lot of other things.  I need to draw out my landscape and write where everything is at so that 1- I don’t get rid of anything I want to keep and 2- so that I know what I have coming up at a particular time of year.



Crocus About To Bloom

Crocus About To Bloom

I like to have an array of colors in the ornamental gardens at any time of the year so having things that are in bloom at different times is important.  We had a pretty good assortment last year and I hope to expand on it in the coming years.

Happy Spring!

Chuck From the Rural Side


When I bought the house last April it was still winter and we had snow.  From talking to the previous owner I knew they had done some landscaping around the place, planting flowers, hostas, and grasses.  Not knowing exactly what they had planted and where, I enjoyed all the surprises that popped up throughout the growing season.  Since it is again cold and snowy out I thought I would share some of the different colors of flowers I have seen around here.  Hopefully they will brighten your day and remind us all that spring is only a few short months away!


One of the many types of daylilies


Black-eyed Susan


Anyone know what this one is?  The next picture is of it as well.  The flowers are on a six foot tall stalk and you can see the leaves some.  I would like to get more of these if I can figure out what they are called.




These were late summer blooming lilies.  The flowers were only about the size of a quarter and I really like the color variation on these.