A Good Weekend

How was your weekend? How is the weather where you are?

Myself I had a good weekend. Took some time for myself, got some work done around here, and did some woodworking (something I love that I have not made time to do lately). It was really nice on Saturday. I went on a long hike, went fishing and finished the day mowing the lawn. Per my Fitbit I had almost 22,000 steps on Saturday, which is over 10 miles!

Sunday started off with rain. I went to get a donut at a local shop who usually has awesome apple fritters (another love) but it must not have been fresh because it was a little lacking. Oh well, everybody has an off day. I followed that up by fishing since the rain had cleared. I caught a half dozen bluegill before trying to go after larger fish, where I struck out. When I got home, I worked on some corn hole boards I am making for friends. I have the construction portion almost finished on them, then painting will follow. I also cleaned all of the chicken waterers really well and did all my morning chores this evening, except feed the rabbits their morning feed, so I won’t have to rush around in the morning. Before calling it a day, I cleaned up a hay bale that had fallen on the road yesterday evening. When I arrived home from hiking Saturday afternoon I could see a bale laying in the road a hundred yards from my driveway. At least a dozen cars just drove around it from the time I pulled in the driveway, so I went down and kicked it off of the road. It seemed like good hay so I was going to pick it up, but I forgot about it and it got rained on overnight.  It will still get used as mulch on the garden, instead of rabbit food, which I usually use straw for.  But hey, when luck falls your way and leaves you hay you use it in some way.

Good night all!  More posts about the weekend and garden (with pictures) to come soon!!!

Chuck, From the Rural Side

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Craigslist is a website that I will say I am addicted to, along with others like Homesteading Today, MSN and Yahoo.  I log on to CL about a dozen times a day, mostly looking to see if there are any free items that I could use.  A couple days ago a guy had a post for 2×3 lumber for $20.  The picture looked like a good stack of wood so I emailed.  I heard back from him yesterday and he was frustrated with other people not showing up wasting his time.  He said if I could come by that evening I could have all of it for free.  SCORE!  So I went last night and picked it up.  It ended up being 2×3 rough cut, mostly poplar, in lengths from 6-10′.  He had bought it off an auction hoping to use it to frame out his basement but a lot of the boards are not perfectly straight.  I got about 70 of these laying at the house now, waiting for me to use them on the next project.  I think I can frame most of the new chicken coop and a woodshed with them.  I had been collecting pallets for this purpose but now I think I will use them to keep the firewood off the ground.

Spam is one of the worst things I have dealt with on CL.  I have dealt with some of the people off CL who say they will be there and never show up- something I have never done to those I have told I would be there.  Then there are people who try to get something of value for nothing.  My other pet peeve is when I email somebody and never hear back even though they repost the item as still being available- like a posting for free patio pavers and rock that I replied to 3-4 times back in the fall and never heard anything back even though they posted it every couple days for a few weeks.

I had a posting up earlier this week for free railroad ties and telephone poles that I want to get rid of and got a bunch of emails.  I am supposed to have somebody come out Saturday to get them and he has a line of people behind him if he doesn’t show up.  I emailed everybody back to tell them they were in line, but I won’t wait hours to tell the next person to come get them.  The weather is supposed to be warmer this weekend so I want to get the things out of there and get my garden cleaned up.  I also have a bunch of branches to clean up from the trees I cut down Sunday- something I will talk about in my next post.

Until Later…

Chuck From the Rural Side

Coyote Spotting

We had two big coyotes go through the back side of the property this morning.  This is the first time I have seen any larger wildlife in the yard.  We have had plenty of deer tracks along the back side of the pond and a few in the garden but haven’t seen any deer actually inside our fence.  The coyotes worry me more than deer do because I would like to allow my chickens to free range and I view coyotes, fox and raccoons as threats to the chickens.  The coyotes were moving through at about 10am, which is when chickens would be out during warmer weather.  We had our little d’uccle rooster eaten by a creature back at the beginning of summer and I trapped and killed several raccoons after that to help protect our flock.  If I had a rifle this morning I would have shot one, or both coyotes if I could have, to help keep our dogs, cat, and chickens safe as well as the neighbors that have dogs and chickens.

Now it’s time for some breakfast of bacon and eggs.  Later I think I might warm up the garage and try to do some woodworking.  It’s been too long since I have made any sawdust.  I have my mom’s canoe to finish up, another canoe I am milling the strips for and a door I need to get stained for in the house.  I will have to post about my woodworking sometime soon…

Until later!

Chuck on The Rural Side